LOOK: Redskins changing up helmet look for Week 10 game vs. Vikings

Although Redskins players were probably able to take some time off during the team’s Week 9 bye, there’s a good chance the team’s equipment staff didn’t get the same luxury, and that’s because they likely spent most of their free time altering the Redskins’ helmets for Week 10.

The team announced Monday that it will be wearing a slightly altered helmet for Sunday’s game against Minnesota. Instead of using a gold facemask on their helmet like they normally do, the Redskins will be switching over to a gray facemask for the game.

The team will also be getting rid of the stripe that usually adorns the middle of their helmet.

Here’s a look at the helmet the Redskins will be wearing Sunday next to the helmet they usually wear.


The Redskins will be wearing an altered helmet Sunday. Twitter/USATSI

And here’s a look at the helmet that the team will wear Sunday by itself.

The Redskins are switching helmets as part of their alumni homecoming festivities. If the past few years are any indication, Washington will also be wearing a throwback uniform in the game to go with the altered helmets.

Under an NFL rule that was implemented before the 2013 season, teams are allowed to alter their helmet as long as they use the same shell. That means teams can use throwback decals or change the color of their facemask, but they can’t use a different color helmet.

Before the helmet rule was implemented, the Redskins used to wear a different colored helmet when they wore their throwback uniforms, as you can see below.


The Redskins are no longer allowed to wear this helmet. USATSI

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