NFL Playoff Picture Week 11 updates: Raiders snatch AFC's top seed with win

This post will be updated throughout Sunday and Monday after each slate of games — bookmark it and come back after each group of games to find out what changes happened in the NFL playoff picture.

Monday night game

Here’s the updated playoff picture after the Raiders snuck by the Houston Texans in Mexico. Yes, Oakland is your No. 1 seed in the AFC.


The Texans were poised to take over the No. 2 spot with a win over the Raiders. Instead, Oakland leapfrogs the Patriots to the No. 1 spot courtesy of their strength of victory (.469 to the Patriots’ .375).

Houston doesn’t fall anywhere at 6-4, but their lead in the AFC South just became much more tenuous. They also remain the No. 3 seed ahead of the Ravens (5-5)

Sunday night game

Playoff Picture moves

The Redskins demolishing the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night didn’t swing a whole lot in terms of the playoffs. Washington holds its spot as the No. 6 team in the NFC. The NFC playoffs won’t change until next week, either, because both team playing Monday are AFC squads.

For the Packers, they are now in a very bad spot. Green Bay fell from the No. 11 seed in the NFC to the No. 14 seed as a result of the loss, dropping below the Carolina Panthers , Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints . They’re now 4-6 and two full games back of both the Lions and Vikings for the NFC North. They’ve lost four in a row and don’t remotely look like a playoff team.

Late afternoon games

Playoff Picture moves

Here’s the latest playoff picture following the three Sunday afternoon games, which included a Seattle Seahawks win over the Eagles, a Miami Dolphins win over the Rams and a Patriots win over the 49ers. None of those outcomes, naturally, affected the movement in the playoffs.

Who’s in?

No teams jumped into playoff position based on the results of the afternoon games.

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