No. 1 pick Jared Goff could reportedly start for Rams as soon as next week

All season, NFL fans have been wondering why the Los Angeles Rams don’t make a change at quarterback. That change may finally be coming soon. Per a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff may get the chance to start for the Rams as soon as next week.

Los Angeles Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff could start his first NFL game as early as next Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins, league sources told ESPN.

If Case Keenum struggles today against the New York Jets, the Rams will consider going to Goff as early as next week, which would create an ideal circumstance.

After playing in New Jersey today, the Rams return to Los Angeles to host the Dolphins. The Rams would like to trot out Goff for his first NFL start at home, in front of a friendly and receptive crowd. But before Los Angeles makes that decision, it wants to see how Keenum plays today.

The way Schefter’s report is framed is very strange, just like the decision-making regarding the Rams’ QB situation has been all season. Goff could start as soon as next week, but only if Keenum struggles in this random game against the Jets? Keenum will be making his ninth start of the season and 25th start in the last four years on Sunday. If Keenum plays well, or just doesn’t struggle (in this one game against one of the NFL’s worst teams that coincidentally has been of the NFL’s worst pass defenses), that will somehow convince the Rams that they don’t need to go to Goff? That makes no sense.

But then, again, the Rams have been making very little sense on the quarterback front this entire season. They’re struggling in the NFC West and sporting one of the NFL’s worst offenses (31st in yards per game, 32nd in points per game), yet they have run Keenum out there week after week despite having selected Goff with the No. 1 pick, while coach Jeff Fisher has continually blamed anyone but Keenum for the team’s offensive woes. Fisher recently stated that he would make a change at wide receiver before he makes a change at quarterback.

Maybe Goff is ready. Maybe he’s not. It is clear, though, based on mounting evidence compiled over four years of play, that Keenum is not the answer. One game against the Jets is not going to change that fact. (Even if Keenum were actually playing well, he would not be long for the job because the Rams took Goff No. 1 overall and it would be a monumental waste of money and resources to not give him the job at some point.) If the Rams are already considering benching Keenum for Goff, there is really no logical reason for Keenum’s play Sunday against the Jets to impact that decision, let alone change it. Headlines

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