Report: MLB owners offer international draft proposal in CBA talks

With the Dec. 1 deadline for an agreement looming, MLB’s owners reportedly offered a new proposal to the players’ association Sunday on the contentious issues of an international draft and the luxury tax, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

What these proposals consist of isn’t known.

Establishing an international draft has apparently become a source of contention between MLB and its union during this month’s negotiations. On Saturday, a report suggested the league offered to remove any form of free-agent draft-pick compensation in exchange for an international draft.

Report: MLB could eliminate draft pick compensation in next CBA

While those on both sides of the bargaining table, including commissioner Rob Manfred, have expressed optimism that a deal will be struck by the Dec. 1 deadline – thereby averting a potential lockout – Rosenthal reported Sunday that progress towards a new agreement is slow. The sides will apparently resume negotiations Monday morning at the players’ association meeting in Dallas, where negotiators will take part in the sessions, per Rosenthal.

Earlier this month, Rosenthal reported MLB was considering locking out players in the event the CBA expired on Dec. 1 without a new agreement in place.

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