Reports: Texas will fire Charlie Strong at scheduled Saturday morning meeting

Update: Charlie Strong will reportedly be fired at his scheduled Saturday morning meeting with Texas administration, according to Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel. Texas is expected to immediately move its focus to Houston coach Tom Herman to replace Strong. The Longhorns plan to meet with Herman and his agent, Trace Armstrong, “as early as Saturday afternoon or evening,” according to Chip Brown of Horns Digest.

Original story

Realistically speaking, Texas coach Charlie Strong sealed his fate in Week 12 by blowing a fourth-quarter lead and losing to Kansas 24-21 in overtime. That’s just not something you come back from. Not in Year 3.

But if there were any doubts about Strong’s future — some reports from this week indicated the embattled coach may be safe if he beat TCU as a poll of 100 Texas fans showed a majority wanted to keep Strong — there shouldn’t be following a 31-9 loss to the Horned Frogs. It was all too clear when TCU running back Darius Anderson burst 70 yards for the final touchdown midway through the fourth quarter while Longhorn fans, or what was left of them, looked on solemnly.

Strong was able to coach through the season, just like Texas said it would allow him to do. However, with Houston coach Tom Herman reportedly the top target at LSU, it’s probably only a matter of when Texas opts to cut its ties with Strong and move forward.

Though some believe Texas could cut ties with Strong late Friday in order to pursue Herman more feverishly, Strong expects to meet with Texas president Greg Fenves and athletic director Mike Perrin on Saturday, according to Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News.

There are some things about Strong that should be said, however. First, he is loved by his players. This was no more evident than when several of them lined up to meet Strong after last Monday’s press conference. The relationship he has with them is one of commitment.

Second Strong did well recruiting in Texas despite initial concerns of his unfamiliarity with the region. Unlike his predecessor, Mack Brown, Strong was a hard closer and did his best work from December to National Signing Day in February. Headlines

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