Takeaways: Warriors win 12th in a row in comeback victory against Hawks

The Warriors kept up their winning ways Monday with their 12th victory in a row, beating the Hawks 105-100 in a sloppy affair that saw the Warriors run away in the fourth quarter 25-19 to pull off the comeback. Takeaways from another run-of-the-mill Warriors win…

A Soaring Pain

This loss was on the books for Atlanta since the schedule came out, and it still goes down as a bad loss. Playing the Warriors, you expect Atlanta to lose. Playing the Warriors in Oracle, you really expect Atlanta to lose. Playing the Warriors in Oracle on a back-to-back in their fifth game in seven nights at the back end of a West Coast road trip they always lose on is the most scheduled schedule loss that has ever been scheduled. And yet, this was a really tough one.

It’s not merely that they had a lead in the third quarter, or that they had tons of open looks in the fourth (1 for 7 from deep). It’s that it came after a players-only meeting Saturday followed by a loss to the Lakers (without Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell) on Sunday and then featured all those makings.

The Hawks played well. The Hawks beat expectations. The Hawks handily beat the 14-point spread. This one still hurts.

Durant Glass Crash

Kevin Durant finished with 25 points on 8-of-16 shooting and a whopping 14 rebounds. His ability to fill in the gaps and add production in categories beyond his hyper-efficient scoring really is what sets his addition to the team apart. They didn’t merely add an elite scorer, they added a top-notch rebounder, passer and defender, and he’s giving all of those things to the Warriors while scoring like one of the league’s best.


The Warriors keep rolling. USATSI

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